Welcome Funeral Directors & Professionals!

Mobits™ (mobile-obituaries): mobile-apps with text messaging for obituaries.

Mobits™ (or mobile-obituaries), are mobile-apps & text messaging that get final arrangements information to the family and to the community in the fastest, easiest, least stressful and least expensive way possible.

It maximizes participation in the departed’s final arrangements.

Mobits™ are also the best way for the funeral director to get more first calls because Mobits™ put funeral home’s contact information inside thousands of mobile phones throughout their community.

Mobits™ produce income for the funeral home, something newspaper obituaries rarely do. Newspaper classifieds have been replaced by Craigslist, newspaper display ads have been replaced by Google Ads and Facebook Ads and newspaper obituaries are now replaced by Mobits™.

Having to make hundreds of phone calls in a very short time frame, telling the same sad story again and again and again, is really stressful. Mobits™ not only absorb much of this stress, they put funeral homes in a much better position to get future calls.